1987 Toyota Hilux Xcab 2,4Diesel. Low cost rock crawler project with Aussie Lockers F/R and 4,88 gears

- Front leafs modified with Trailmaster Add-A-Leaves in the combination with the 2 longest original leaves
- Rear leaf springs changed to someones from 89-97 Hilux, which is 10 cm longer. The load carrying leaves were removed. Front spring hanger moved forward 38 mm to have the rear axle located as before.
- New rear spring shackle with increased lenght of 2"
- Front shocks were Trailmaster SSV intended for a 4" lift. These were too long for the original shock mounts and new upper mount should be installed.
- New rear Procom ES3000 shocks installed, these were also intended for a 4" lift and should have been at least 2" shorter.
- 4,88:1 gearings installed with high Pinion up front and ordinary low pinion in the rear
- 2 pcs Aussie Lockers installed F/R
- Allpro protection cover for the front differential
- Allpro Relocation plates to move forward the front axle 1" makes room for 35" in combination with some minor sheet metal trimming
- Rough Country steering damper


The present wheels : 8x15" Chrome spoke rims, ET-20 and 33x9,5 BFG MT. Seiped in the middle and studded on the side for winter use.

Blue87Lux1.JPG (238792 bytes)

Blue87Lux2.JPG (236879 bytes)


The following pictures are with black Street Lock 10x15 rims, ET-38, and 35x12,5-15 BFG MT

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Blue87Lux4.JPG (258637 bytes)

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